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Hello, I am due on 2nd July (that’s an estimate from the doctor) anyone else due around that time to compare symptoms?

All I have been getting is food cravings, have been eating more carbs then usual, hard cheese and eggs....a lot of orange juice and water and have been eating a lot of nuts and blueberries... but that’s all no constipation no sickness no soreness in boobs just noticed them growing more 😁💃🏻What’s everyone’s else experiencing I’m only 6 weeks pregnant??

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I am 6 weeks and 3 days and am due on the 1st July.. Boobs are like boulders and I'm getting a bit of heartburn but apart from that no real symptoms.. xx

That’s great let’s hope it will stay that way for us ! Let me know what else you experience and best of luck... x

I will do and thanks.

keep in touch and all the best


Hi, I'm 6 weeks +1 and I'm not experiencing any symptoms either apart from being really hungry! xx

Hii im 8 weeks pregnant. im having so much craving for spicy food . All of sudden i started hating chicken to eat 😩 try to drink as much water as I can. Having sore breasts, severe morning sickness though no vomitting n constipation thank God😊 im nt so much fond og eating fruits but trying to eat banana and Apple once a day.

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