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Parenting Classes?


I just went to my second scan last week, and the doctor said something about doing some parenting classes, I am looking on the nhs website but I can't find anything :(

Anyone that knows where can we get access to those classes?


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Are they talking about nct type classes? Unfortunately they aren’t free.


I don't really know the doctor mentioned that is was under NHS but she said nothing about prices :(


Have you got any information about them in your maternity notes? At my booking appointment with the midwife she gave me the folder with all my notes in, and there was also some information about classes in the hospital for couples to attend.


I do have an email I'll try that if I can figure it out as the writing is a bit difficult to read :)


I'd as much your midwife some areas offer classes like parent craft or NHS specific sessions but depends on your area and some might be against payment. You could also check at your local sure start centre


Hi, not sure what area you live in but NHS offer Parent Craft pre natal classes. In your folder you should have been given sheet with all phone numbers you may need while pregnant and the no for Parent Craft should be there. classes usually run 1 day a week for 4 weeks and theres usually an optio for mum and dad to attend or you can choose class just for mums. If you havent got the sheet with numbers call your local GP office/maternity unit and ask about Parent Craft. Hope you get yourself booked in. I went when I was pregnant earlier this year. Lots of good info on labour, pain relief, tour of labour suite and lots of info for mums for breastfeeding!


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