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Gestational diabetes

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I have been sent an appointment for gestational diabetes screening I don’t get why I’m having one i didn’t in my first pregnancy and I don’t seem to tick any of the boxes for one either don’t get it.

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Normally they will write in your notes why you having it. Was your bmi above 30 at booking?? If not just ask why they are doing it

My Bmi is 26.2 after having my son who’s only 14weeks old so my Bmi is way under 30 I’m going to ring them Monday

Apparently it's routine in that most women have it now:

If you're at high risk you have it earlier on. Those at average risk just have it later.


Maybe there was a lot of glucose in your urine? No harm in getting it checked out.

Thanks xx

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Dmdm7 in reply to Georgina_D

My issue is that there is harm. This test made my wife super-dizzy and extremely tired and weak even after she ate and drank. The test seemed so pointless when her BMI is good and her diet is good.

I’m sure (/I really hope) the NHS has done in depth studies into the cost/benefit of doing this test. But it feels like rather than spending time checking who does and who doesn’t by talking about diet and measuring baby size and fluid size in scans they just go for the broad brush precautionary “Safe” method of giving everyone the test.

But I don’t think it’s safe to take blood from a small pregnant woman twice in a day after telling her not to eat and drink. She also felt unwell which she told the nurse and they just went ahead and did it anyway =(

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Cheekymonkey85 in reply to Dmdm7

This is a 2 year old post.

There are more reasons to be offered the test than bmi. Your age increases the risk, as does family history. I've had the test in both my previous pregnancies & I'll have it again in this one. Yes it makes you feel a bit rubbish, but your fasting, & it's going to take a while to settle afterwards. They don't actually take that much blood- they would have taken more during her booking appointment, and you blood volume increases in pregnancy anyway.

It's caused your wife no long term harm, she was a bit dizzy for a little bit- completely normal & she soon got over it

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Azailia in reply to Dmdm7

Gestational diabetes is not just for fat ladies! Any women can get it fat or thin but you are more at risk if you have a high bmi, had a large baby last time or have someone in your family with diabetes, glucose has been found urine and also age. After 35 years you are considered and older mother so pregnancies and births carry more risks and more tests are done. In the group meeting I had for it there was ladies of all sizes not just large ladies! Some women it comes on at the start or earlier on in the pregnancy and other it comes on later. I passed the first test at 17 weeks? But I failed I the second one at 28 weeks of pregnancy, I was given a monitor to test my blood and I was luckily enough to control it with diet only, ie low carb and no sugar intake until the end of pregnancy. Some women have to use metformin or insulin to control it blood sugar spikes. I also had hyperemesis gravidarum which is extreme pregnancy sickness, I could barely keep anything down but I still went for the test! Currently on my second gestational diabetic pregnancy and I haven't had any high blood spikes yet and I am 36 weeks but I am still having to test my bloods just in case as some women it's only picked up right at the end of pregnancy!

I little bit of discomfort for a necessary test is worth it! If this is your first child then your wife is in for a wild ride as feeling a little bit dizzy after one of many tests she'll receive throughout pregnancy is nothing compared to what lies ahead in the later stages of pregnancy and the labour and birth! :D

Good luck!

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Azailia in reply to Azailia

I think they are testing for it more now as there are more women now more than every showing up with gestational diabetes! Again fat or thin! My size 8 friend had it and her diet was good also but she still got it, so don't just assume your wife doesn't have it because she leads a healthy lifestyle!

Also the risks of undiagnosed or uncontrolled gestational diabetes from the tommys website!


I got one too and its everytime they take your urine if glucose shows up in it they need to get you checked for diabetes

My sister in law doesn’t fall in to the category, but they found sugar in her wee sample. To be honest it’s better to check than not, especially with the current situation. Hope you have an early appointment X

It’s routine.

For me it is the opposite. Majority of my family has diabetes and yet my midwife hasn't requested it. I want to do to make sure my baby is ok and I will be fine to look after him. Now I am 30 weeks and I don't know if worth request it to my midwife.

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LilyAnne in reply to ccarolcosta

If it’s on your mind, it’s worth mentioning. If you don’t find your midwife easy to talk to, you can call the community midwifery office and ask to change. Best wishes.

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