How long until he's here?!

37 weeks pregnant tomorrow, first baby and I've just been told his head is engaged now. Just wondering how long they normally take to get here after being told his head is fully engaged ?

Thank you !


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5 Replies

  • Up to 42 weeks is all their time. Head engaged just means they're in the right position that's all

  • I was engaged from 34 weeks she arrived 40 plus 4 is when your cervix dilate

  • My son was engaged at around 36 weeks but didn't arrive until 42 weeks! Little sod 😂.

  • My LG engaged at 28 weeks and stayed there until the day before her due date.

  • They said my little ones head was engaged at 37weeks she then decided to do a full flip and ended up breech i wouldnt get your hopes up first babies tend to take longer to make an appearance :) and all babies are unpredicable haha good luck xx

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