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First trimester-no morning sickness

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Hi, I'm Laone. I just found out I'm pregnant, the pregnancy test said 3 weeks + but my GP said 6 weeks. I have had a miscarriage before but i am hopefully this time things will be positive. I have joined this page for advice and support and hope to be supportive too to anyone needing it. I don't get any morning sicknesses and I feel fine despite working 13 hour shift in a busy ward, is it normal?

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The gp will Use your last menstrual period whereas the test will use conception date hence the difference.

It's normal not to have morning sickness consider yourself lucky... Although you might still get it as it's still very early days.

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Laone in reply to roxannacar

Thank you,i was starting to panic thinking the pregnancy is probably not progressing.

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Cupcake14 in reply to roxannacar

You might not get morning sickness at all just means your lucky. I my aunt was the same with the morning sickness she didn't have any at all the whole time she was pregnant, so you might just b lucky xx

Not everyone has morning sickness. I never had it to and I wouldn't get easily tired as well so yes, what you are going through is normal. However, considering your history, when in doubt keep checking with GP

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Laone in reply to KR2105

Thank you.

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