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Is it possible to be pregnant after failed ivf and periods?

I had an embryo transfer with my IVF just over 7 weeks but the initial test 2 weeks later was negative. In total I have had 3 negative pregnancy tests, had a period after the failed IVF and negative test and had another one a couple of weeks ago. However, in that 7 weeks I have steadily gained weight which is all on my stomach, my tummy feels harder than normal, I am absolutely exhausted all the time, I am experiencing a lot of unexplained nausea as well as increased discharge. Is it remotely possible I could be pregnant? Had anyone ever experienced this or know anyone who has?

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I would contact your IVF consultant and ask them to do a HCG blood test and a scan to be a 100% sure. I have my fingers crossed for you.


Thank you babyfraggle. I think it is highly unlikely i am given that I'm getting negative tests and having periods but it doesn't explain all the other symptoms. Maybe it's just me hoping, the mind can be a powerful tool. Thanks again.


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