How can I prevent my young children from becoming ill whilst on a holiday to Pakistan ?

Hey everyone I'm planning to go Pakistan for 6 weeks in the summer holidays . The last time I went Pakistan was over 4 years and I only had 2 young children then . I was heavily pregnant at the time and both of my children became seriously ill . They both had diahrea and were vomiting . Both of them became dehydrated . I feel so guilty. I have 4 children now the oldest is 8 years old and youngest is 9 months old . I really want to go Pakistan but I'm scared my children will become ill again . Can you guys give me tips on how to pervent this from happening . Also is there any medicines to prevent diahrea and vomiting in children . In advance thank you xxxx

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Hi there. I think the best thing to do would be to visit your GP 4-6 weeks before you travel as they will be able to offer you the most reliable advice and any vaccines/medication needed. X

yEah I was planning to go to see my gp and thank you hun x

Might be worth seeing a travel clinic (some gps will offer this, but a lot of vaccines for travelling are private so double check first). They can also deal with malaria prophylaxis which can be a major issues in certain parts of the world. Apart from vaccines, no there isn't medication to stop diarrhoea and vomiting from being picked up. There are medication to slow diarrhoea one picked up which you can get from boots otc as well as sachets like diarrholyte to keep the hydrated - pharmacist will be able to advise). when travelling you need to try keep a certain level of hygiene, boil or sanitize all water used to drink, and for washing fruit and salad. I'd avoid food bought off the streets. It's possible but difficult ESP. If you are not in a tourist area

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