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What is my conceiving date

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I had my period on 6th Jan 2017 and found out I was pregnant end of Jan. My Conceiving date is between 15-20 Jan and OD is 20.1.17 where I was 2 weeks. I am due on the 15 of October but unsure if my conceiving date is correct.

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Hello dear! Hardly any women is sure of exact conceiving date, however, the due date is calculated after the first day of your last period, and it seams your due date (if your cycle is 28 days) should be 13 October.

Personally me: I knew I ovulated on day 14 as all physical signs were there. Best luck,x

ok but when I found out I was preg I was 3 weeks now am 16 wekks and so worried as I had an affaire and then got on my period and found out I was preg

I think the issue really is what difference will it make what the conception date was. If you were having sex with only one partner at that time it doesn't make any difference what so ever which date you conceived as it has no impact on anything. If it wasnt the one partner then known is still not going to clarify who the father is, the only thing to do is that case is a DNA test, as nothing else will be accurate.

I totally agree with you. If there are more than one men involved we can't be sure as some sperm can stay alive in the vagina/uterus for quite few days (I heard it's 5 days but not quite sure)

Good luck!

I think it's 3 days lol but doesn't matter as you can't know when conception happened it could be sperm from prior to Ovulation or after as the ovum lives a few days too... So absolutely no way to tell

so dose sperm only stay for 3 dsays ?or am so worried

yea I had an affaire with someone else that was like 28 of December then 1 of January I had sex with the man now I don't no who the father is please help ? as I had my period in January aswell and after founf out in was pregnant

If you had a period in January then you got pregnant about two weeks after your period. As you stated in your post re conception dates, it would be mid January. So unless you were still having an affair mid January it's unlikely. You're not really 2weeks pregnant at conception... It's just the confusing way it's calculated.

ok am worried whos the father that's all :( what do you think sorry for asking all this

I had an affaire was 28 of dec and 1 of jan xxx then got bk with my partner and then we had sex the all time x

please if someone can explain to me better x x

I am so sorry for you to be in this crazy situation... I think I would be lost and nervous as well.

If your ovulation is in midcycle - it looks to me that the baby's father should be your partner - the man you had sex with after your period in January.

To see the picture clearer: have you been on any form of birth control (with hormones) starting from 1st December? (As that gives a whack when we are ovulating if we use them but forget one pill or more)

How did you know you're pregnant at the end of Jan if your next period should have started only on 3rd of February? Clearblue digital test?x

PS: what is OD on 20.01.17?

not been on no pills and I checked I was preg and I used clearblue yes it said I was 3weeks + xx and yea am so worried my heads all over :(

What date did you do the test?

I think it was around 27 or 28 of jan x

sorry I checjked in 23 of feb

sorry chris is was around 23 of feb xx

Cool / that changes everything'!'

was the 12 week scan that predicted baby's due date on 15th October?

yes due date is 15 of October

what changes ?

The date you did the test change everything!

If you did test in the end of Feb and not Jan as we first thought, and if it is the 12 week scan which suggest that baby's due date is on 15th Oct then the dad is your parner with who you had sex in mid Jan when you ovulated and conceived this baby!!!

If the other guy was the father then the due date would be predicted nearly 3 weeks earlier.

So I don't think you should worry now - as the scan says that this baby was conceived during your ovulationin mid January! :)

Thnks chris yea went for early scan in march as i had pains said i was 9 weeks now am 17 :)

Now relax and enjoy your bump growing and kicking!x

thnks chris xxx

Bottom line is if you had an affair in December then had a period in January and your ultrasound scan fits the dates then you conceived mid jan. So if you only had sex with your partner in jan, it's highly likely that it's his child

so u saying it is hes child ?

What I am saying is that the father is the person you were having sex with mid. Jan on your conception date (as long as you have given the right dates etc).

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