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Implantation bleeding


Hi. I was wondering if someone could help me figure out if I'm having implantation bleeding or just my period. So I tested yesterday and got a faint positive that got darker throughout the day. That night i had intercourse. This morning i started to have a light bleeding. I went out today and felt like i was going to faint anytime and had crazy abdominal pain and felt nauseous. The bleeding is still light. It is also around the time af usually shows up. Can some one help me figure out if it implantation bleeding or just my period. Thanks

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Implantation bleeding is a lot lighter than a period and you would have a positive test. However if you are having severe abdominal pains with this bleeding you really should get it checked out

If your pregnancy test was positive regardless of how faint,you are pregnant however you would not be at the implantation stage,the hcg would be far too low to read positive on a pregnancy test. You would have to be at least around 3 weeks. You should do another test but the cramps sound like normal stretching to me

Yeah you sound the most right. I would be around 3 weeks I will test on friday again. Thanks so much.

Implantation bleeding happens before a pregnancy test shows positive. There's a chance you might be miscarrying but some women do spot slightly after sex when pregnant.

Light bleeding could be normal during early pregnancy. Even I had spot bleeding . However, It's good to go for check up in hospital. They did my ultrasound and luckily everything was okay.

Do not worry. But plz go for check up.

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