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Hi good morning everyone, hope you have a blessed day. well, where do I begin? I guess from the start... I am 7 days late I had always been regular no period missed. I feel kinda weird, tired more I urine more than usual or drink a lot more water very thirsty, when I get hungry I get like a heartburn then it goes away after then a little nauseous, I eat then, I get hungry again haha I was thinking in my mind its playing mind games.. has this happen to anyone? I am new here please help thank you

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Hi there, if your periods are often regular, why not buy a test? This is my second pregnancy and by day 3 of my missed period, I just knew what was happening. Even that early on, clear blue tests can detect the hormone produced by pregnancy, in your wee. Good luck, and hope your happy either way of the result 😊


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