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Hi everyone, I am new to this site. I have endometriosis and adenomyosis. My doctor told me that it was time to start trying back in December and so we have been. I haven't had my period since January, but do to my endo it is normal for me to go awhile in between periods. I was tested in the beginning of February to make sure the lupron shot had worn off and it was just starting to. For the past couple of weeks I have been having symptoms such as an increase in headaches, nausea, and fatigue. At first I just assumed I was burnt out from working so much. Now, I am starting to wonder. So my question is what is the best/most accurate pregnancy test out there?

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  • All tests seem to be pretty accurate. I used Clear Blue, but that was only because it was on offer. I would look for one that says early detection, they are probably more sensitive to the HCG hormone.

  • After I missed my period I used pack of 2x (cheep ones from homebargain £0,79p and both were positive) the next day I bought Clear Blue digital (£12) and it sowed Pregnant 2+ weeks.

    Good luck!!!x

  • I used a sainsburys one am showed positive day after I was due. The clear blue ones are nice because they can give you a estimated date (from conception) but are around £10 each

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