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Was wondering if anyone can help. My son is 8 days old and as far as we were concerned he's a very happy healthy little chappy. Eating and sleeping and filling his nappies just fine. But Friday last week we found him in a big patch of sweat on his back, when he woke for a feed. His nappy was dry so it wasn't urine and all other parts of body were nice and dry. We phoned delivery suit who advised us to take him to hospital for a check up, he was admitted over the weekend with all different tests to see if he had any virus or illness, he was just fine, given the all clear but no doctor understood this sweating. We got him home, and even went out as a family, all OK. Evening time he's asleep in his moses basket when again he has a massive sweat patch on his back. We came back to hospital for further observations. This has only happened when he's in his moses basket. Has anyone else ever had this situation. He's not in any pain or discomfort and his temperature is just fine. We are just concerned that his moses basket could be the reason but we're not sure why.

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  • What sort of mattress and sheets have you got? Niamh is a little hot person and was often clammy in her Moses basket as it was a plastic covered one. I got one with a fabric cover and it didn't happen again. Hope he's ok. Xx

  • Thank you for that I will have a look as yes his mattress is plastic. All is ok we are just waiting for the doctors to come round to hopefully discharge us. Xxx

  • As lotty said plastic can make baby sweat as it doesn't breathe. Check the Mattress/sheets might need changing.

  • To let everyone know we had to go back to hospital one more time but all observations was fine. We rearranged our bedroom and living room so he no longer needs his moses basket to sleep in. He is still having his sweats but not as bad, doctors say he's a healthy little boy who sweats. Thank you to everyone for your advice. ☺

  • I had this with my son when he was a few weeks old. He's now 17 weeks. Turns out we had a plastic mattress in his moses basket. I bought a new air flow mattress from amazon and it never happened again! Hope this helps hun xx

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