I'm confused 39+5 Weeks pregnant?

I'm having a lot of back pain that is coming and going and a sharp shooting sensation in my rear end like I need to go to the toilet, my stomach feels like it's tightening sometimes but my babies also moving about so I'm not sure what's happening but I seem to be having pain when this is happening I'm not sure if that's due to my baby moving or not. I'm completely clueless.

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  • Speak to your midwife or the hospital your hoping to have baby in as could be back labour pains

  • I would ring the maternity assessment clinic or labour ward at the hospital you will be having your baby at, I'm 38wks and been getting those symptoms on and off for last couple of wks, a midwife will answer the phone, explain what's happening and they will advise, you might have to go and be checked over considering how far you are bcos could be slow labour, good luck 😊 x

  • Sounds like it could be starting shame mine ain't lol

  • It sound's like you're in labour to me... my first labour I only had pains in my back and my stomach didn't tighten properly either! Ring your maternity ward and get checked out x

  • I went to the day assessment unit and they weren't really helpful. They said I may have had my show but then sent me home and nothing else was really said I'm absolutely clueless to everything x

  • you can do it! Trust your body and find whatever position feels most comfortable - maybe hot shower would help?

  • Hi, i just want to ask if it is possible to get pregnant after my period? The first day of my last period was Nov. 12, 2016, it lasted for 3 days then the rest was just spotting. We had unprotected sex nov. 19, 20 and 21. thankyou

  • Am also experiencing that lately and worse am only 25 week.should I be worried?

  • Sounds like the start of labour. I would start to time how far apart your cramps/tummy pains are. Once they reach 3mins apart I'd phone the hospital to prepare you for going in. If they become very painful then get down to hospital sooner as labour may be more advanced. (I had my daughter 3 weeks ago and sounds very similar to my eay labour)

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