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12 week of pregnancy, feeling worse then ever!

Hello, I've just hit my 12th week of pregnancy with my first baby and I've had a difficult preganancy up to now but it seems to be getting worse? I feel more fatigue, sickness, Dizzy and just all round more horrible then ever before. I get constant headaches and I feel just really sick all round like I've constantly got a bug. It's a draining feeling. Please tell me this doesn't last? I want to enjoy my pregnancy but just haven't been able to and I think father of child just thinks I'm lazy and a hyporchondriac but I've honestly never felt worse in my life.

I can't be the only one, please tell me I'm not? Haha 😞

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pregnancy effects all women differently, some women struggle and feel awful all the way through it, some feel better after 12/16 weeks different stages for some, and the lucky one's like me feel fine from the beginning to end, but no you are not the only one my best friend is pregnant she is 24 nearly 25 weeks and she is having a really rough time pretty much all the same symptoms as you and its her fourth baby and all her pregnancies have been the same, it may ease off I hope it does for you, try to rest as much as possible, try eating small amounts through out the day instead of meals and try ginger biscuits if nothing helps a doctor can help you with the sickness, headaches try laying down with a cool cloth over your eyes or get your temples rubbed you can take pain killers

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Hello, I was totally the same my first pregnancy and the first 13 weeks was hell for me always ill, suffered with server sickness, constant water infections and feeling run down. I felt like my partner was thinking I am overreacting but no it does make you feel like hell. I am now 29 weeks and feel 10 times better I still suffer with tiredness but I take that any day then what I was like for the first 13 weeks. Just rest and don't worry about anything it does get better.


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