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Needing some Advice!

Hey guys! I had a miscarriage between May 25 and June 3 of this year(I'm not sure the exact date because I didn't bleed at all) and I had to get a D&C because there was tissue left over. My OB put me on the Depo shot which I got in July. My boyfriend and I decided we want to try for baby #2 and we've been trying for 3 weeks....Well this past week has been a real dizzy for me because I'm peeing way more than normal, getting headaches and hot flashes, my face has totally broken out, my breasts has also became much fuller than usual, and there's been some cramps that come and go and I've been craving really sweet stuff... I do have a pregnancy test but I'm hesitant to use it because it might be too early... The symptoms I had with baby #1 was craving sweets and frequent peeing... So should I go ahead and take the test or should I wait a week or two?? I'm really hoping this is my rainbow baby!

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The question is can you wait a week or two? If so I'd wait ... the depot injection can make things very irregular period wise and give you all sorts of funny symptoms.

Good luck and all the best


Did you just have one depot injection? It has all sorts of possible side effects and can completely mess with your body, if you aren't pregnant (I would wait a couple of weeks to take the test but you can buy reliable but cheap ones from boots if it's the price you are worried about) do not go on the injection again, chemical contraceptive methods are over prescribed and under researched and can cause so many problems, monitoring your cycle is a much more effective and healthy way of being careful.

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