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STI screening while pregnant

Hi, I'm 20 weeks pregnant and have never had an STI or STD, I tested myself for both and for AIDs etc. before I got with Dad and was clear, he thinks he has symptoms of something but is not sure what and we are both finding it impossible to get access to a clinic that doesn't restrict us by age or isn't over subscribed, we were sent away from the clinic (that only happens once a week for a couple of hours) at our local hospital as the waiting list was too large.

I have since tested myself again for STIs and it has been clear but I know you can carry and not have any symptoms. I want to make sure this is sorted ASAP as the date is getting nearer and want to protect baby from anything harmful. Do you know if I have any rights as an expectant mother to be seen by my GP or whether my partner has rights to be seen by the GP or hospital rather than one of these elusive clinics?


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you should have been tested at your first appointment with the midwife?


Are you uk based? If so of course you can go to the GP although I still think the sti clinic is a better place as they can do all the swabs for men etc and do contact tracing. Also have you spoken to your midwife?

In the U.K. Part if screening does include blood tests like hiv and syphilis but they don't regularly check for everything (I never had a vaginal swab for example).

However if your partner is having symptoms and you know you were clear why isn't he the one getting tested? In the mean time make sure you practice safe(r) sex or abstain.

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Hi, yes - UK based. I did speak to my midwife and she just said to try the clinic again, so have made a fuss and got an appt for Monday. I guess I will have to play my face a bit about getting tested for everything, i.e. swabs etc. because I've had my blood tests and all clear several times recently.

He's the one who is getting turned away from clinics due to over capacity and the clinic is once a week for 2 hours and all other clinics won't see him because he's not under 21 which is absurd but I guess fingers crossed for Monday.

Thanks for your advice.


Then maybe he should get an appointment with his GP instead if he is getting turned away. But I never heard of age being an issue at an sti clinic ... it's not like once you turn 21 you stop getting stis... sounds a bit like BS ... especially since the fit you in pretty easily. Thing is that needs to get tested anyways ... if you're clear doesn't mean he is and if he's got symptoms he needs to get tested too .... otherwise ur still at risk of transmission


I don't know if its just a midlands thing but most of the clinics I know of only do up to a max of 24 y/o's I called the clinic that I have an appt with on Monday to say that he needs to be seen as equally urgently as I do so they are going to fit him in. It is shocking how much resistance I've faced trying to get us both seen though.

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I mean if that's the case then the gp does have to deal with it, which is a bit silly since sti clinics are there specifically for that! Oh well... Hopefully it will all turn out fine.


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