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Newborn not settling

My baby girl is just turning 2 weeks tomorrow, and she's been fairly easy to get settled until now. The last 2 nights she's be screaming almost constantly, and even if we do get her to doze off the minute we put her down she's waking again. The cries sound incredibly painful, but we it seems that nothing we try helps. Shes only had one dirty nappy in over 24 hours now, and we thought that maybe she could be constipated, but we're not sure how to help move everything along.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be really appreciated - I feel like I've tried everything 😥

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Hi and welcome. Can I first say this is not abnormal and the ?st 2 weeks is often the honeymoon period. We had the same with our second and we had to co sleep for about 8 weeks before she started settling at night. My advise start getting into a daily routine. Feeds and sleeps at the same time. With walks out in the pram as your activity. The screaming comes from your child trying to process everything they have done that day. The issue being is that they process it at the time you want them to settle. I know its hard and you want to show your little treasure to the world but it wont help in the long run. To much of other people is just unsettling for them. A great book is the "baby whiperer" really helped me second time round and also be assured this is a phase. As for the constipation is the child exclusively breast fed? If so they can go a few days without pooing, if on formula or a mixture then it could be constipation and see your doctor or health visitor. Both my children had it and its important to get it dealt with. Lastly your doing great and dont worry.


My little boy was similar when that early-

Firstly its ok if not pooing everyday ,

He wanted security so stuck to me , almost all times at breast ! Initial few days are hard , try to give her all the comfort , i coslept in these times , also i would recomend talking to health visitor for your concers .


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