Im so confused

Hi ladies im new here i was 2 weeks late with my monthly in august and took a pregnancy test that was positive with a faint line my last monthly had been the 1st july so i went to the doctors and seen the midwife and they said i was about 7 weeks then at 8 weeks i went to hospital with bleeding and only had little pain they done a blood test and urine test and both negative but im still getting symptoms like nausea and sometimes sick also get fluttering movements tingly breast a swollen and quite hard belly and still getting negative test and monthly was 5 days late this month but is unually light and midwife or doctors wont do anything until i get a positive if anyone has any advice would be much appreciated

Thank you



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  • I have had this happen to me 6 times, the sixth time is current. Now, again, my spotting had subsided and. No blood at all after 4 months. I have had 5 full term pregnancies result from these wierd pregnancies. Follow ur instinct. Sent with lots of love.

  • Thank you i think i will go back to the doctors and make them check me over because im still revovering from 2 strokes i had in feb and also heart failure and i know theres alot of risks if i am but that doesnt seem to bother the doctors or midwife until i get a positive test again ive had 3 children already and ive never had these feelings of movement before not until i was 5 months it does feel like i am but with having had the strokes im not really sure with my own body lets just hope my doctors do something about all this

  • Have them check ur cervix and do a sonogram. 2 best ways to check. Hope all is good.

  • Ill aak them thank you so much for your help 😊 xx

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