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Signed off & pregnant

I've currently been signed off for three weeks due to pregnancy problems & stress. The doctor has advised I take the time off as I'm becoming anxious & depressed. However, my boss is threatening to have me sacked due to poor attendance yet I've only been off due to pregnancy related issues. If he decides to sack me do I have any rights? I feel like I'm trying to destress and relax whilst having time away from work but his response and lack of support is making me worry. Additionally, at work he seems to make me feel I'm not great at my job and belittle me in front of others. Is there anything I can do? Am I wrong for having the time off?

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I'm quite sure all of this is not right. But I'm no expert, there's load of information on the website all about maternity leave, rights during pregnancy at work and all sorts of other pregnancy related issues.

Hopefully that can give you a little help and advice.


Totally agree with previous reply... Also try citizens advise. Employers cannot fire you due to pregnancy problems and would have a lawsuit on their hands if they did! Do you have a human resources department in work? Regardless of being pregnant he should not be treating you like that in work. I'm sorry you're finding it so stressful right now... Just know you are not doing anything wrong and shouldn't be treated like this x


Pregnancy is a protected characteristic so yes you do have rights. Assuming the dismissal threat is purely attendance related then absence for pregnancy reasons is looked at differently from other absences.


Yes you have rights but employers can be sneaky. My husband was off sick with depression he ran a hotel and out everything into that hotel our marriage was falling apart he was there that often so when doctor put him on anti depressants and tablets to help him sleep he was off for 4 weeks then he got a letter saying his services were no longer needed. I was 8 months pregnant too. They managed get around sacking him for being off sick as that's illegal by saying they don't need someone to run the hotel as a.manager they made a new title so it classed as a new job so it looked like he wasn't needed anymore. Awful I know! Job centre told him it was out of order and even his employers since. Buy a lot of employers just care about money money money not your health or your baby. Just keep them informed as much as you can so they can't say you didn't keep them in the loop. If you're worried I'd defo check out those links people before me provided they look like good ideas ! X


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