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Hi, has anyone tried the NCT membership? Is it worth it? As I m already feeling isolated due to early pregnancy bad lucks (bleedings, morning sickness, a cold, a cough and migraines) I stopped going to the gym too. I m worried after birth it's only gonna get worse specially as I m a housewife and I was wondering if the NCT membership offers a kind of baby groups or sthg similar where I can meet other people in the same situation

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  • If you live in the uk also check out if your local council does any baby classes etc. In Manchester we have loads organising by the sure start centre as well other stuff by the council. Some of it is free some you a have to pay but it's quite cheap. Of course they're will be private things too but some can be quite pricey (eg swimming lessons)

  • Thanks for the tips.

  • I would say it's definately worth the cost. I did the antenatal course which I found informative and it is good because you are paying they keep the group small. My lo is now 17 mths and I'm still in touch with one of the mums regularly and we all (5 of us who did the course) occasionally meet up every few months or so. I wouldn't say I'm best friends with any of them (but I did meet a mum who has become on of my closest friends at a baby massage class!) but it's nice to have the history with a few people who have been through the stages at a similar time to you. Some of them can be a bit competitive (but you're going to get this anywhere and everywhere you go) just remember it's their insecurities that make them behave like this and everyone goes through all the same problems, just not everyone is honest about it! Take care and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy xxxxx

  • I m starting the nct classes in November, it's in someone's house to keep it intimate and nice rather than a school or a church which felt cold and impersonal when I ve been with a friend. I also find the time perfect to give a chance to hubby to attend and be part of it.

    Thanks for the recommendation I ll join the nct in few months once all the summer travels are done.

  • HI InTheMiddleOfIt. Yes, our local branches offer a range of events and courses for expectant and new parents to attend.

    You can find your local branch and the events they offer on our website:

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