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have 20 days late period but still get negative while taking on test both urine and blood

hi, i have 20 days late period., i took 2 pregnancy test and 1 blood test both comes negative, but i have some symptoms i.e. vomiting, tiredness and all.. plz advise shall i wait for some more times??

having lot of tension because of this.. i dont know whether i m pregnant or not??

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What has your doctor said? If you miss another period then your doctor should refer you for a scan to find out if you are pregnant and then if you're not they can take it from there as to why your periods have stopped, if you usually have a regular cycle and you've had unprotected sex then there's a good chance you are pregnant sometimes its too soon to detect the hormone you produce when pregnant and thats why you get a negative result

Good luck



Hi, I was late and took a test and it was negative. I had no symptoms but was like 'where is it??'. 2 weeks later I took another one as my breasts were feeling sore and I fell asleep sitting up haha. Came back positive, so was 6 weeks before it showed! I think is because I must have ovulated just before my period (I know this because my partner works away and I was due on my period the week he was home). So maybe just try again in a few days. Good luck xx


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