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Hello please can someone advise me i told my employer i am pregnant at 12 weeks , i asked for a risk assessment to be done they gave me the form to fill out and thats it, at my place of work we are not allowed to take food on premises they supply with food but for some reason i can't eat their food, i am a nurse doing long day therefore the entire days i live on fruits and juice until i get home. please advise what to do

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  • Just out of interest, why are you unable to eat the food provided?

  • Dublin 77 as a pregant mum most of times you want to eat what you feel for , not everyday u eat same choice of food. Just inhaling food make me feel sick , at the begining of my pregancy i enjoy food but for some reason i cant eat the food now. If that answer youre question.

  • Given that I'm pregnant I do understand changes in appetite. I can't really see any problem with your employer here other than the risk assessment should be interactive to a certain point but it is largely based on how you feel you can manage certain tasks so you are the best person to complete it. It should be reviewed and you should make clear any tasks you're finding difficult - how will they know this if you don't tell them? As long as they are open to discussing your thoughts I can't see a problem. With regards to your diet fruit and juice doesn't sound problematic as long as you supplement this outside of work hours with other food. Perhaps speak with your employer if you wish to bring something more sustainable and it's different to what they are offering anyway. 

  • Will do thank you for the advise, can i ask you question Dublin 77 as a pregant mum would you work 12 hours shift without warm food only fruits for 12 hours with juice maybe or warm hot chocolate drink.

  • Ok so there's a few things here. Your post is not exactly clear on your situation which makes it hard to comment. You don't make it clear why you're not allowed to bring food into work - they'll need a pretty good reason for this. Do you have a lunch hour where you can go out and buy food that suits your preferences. I cannot believe you can't get a hot drink in your place of work?

    If the answer to these things is a no that seems unreasonable whether you're pregnant or not. 

  • Clearly there may be some health dept rules preventing food being brought in to some workplaces but I can think of a few ways to get around this. 

  • Speak to your manager, it is a legal requirement to ensure that pregnant employees get a proper risk assessment e.g if there is any manual handling involved, some infusions are deemed unsafe to touch during pregnancy, proper breaks to ensure that you are well rested, the whole arrangement needs to be assessed with you present and involved in the decision making e.t.c filling in a form needs to be followed up. Be proactive after all it is your health and your baby's. Some managers care less. Iam speaking from experience. If anything happens to you the best you will get is a sorry card. I have heard stories of miscarriages and lots of absences as a result of pregnant Employees not being looked after by their managers. If you can't eat their food for whatever reason then they should let you bring in yours just during pregnancy. Look after yourself and your baby. Good luck

  • Thank you for youre comments will do i bring to work loads of different fruits we are allowed to bring fruits to work.

  • Ive read the other posts and I'm a bit confused about the food aspect. You're allowed to bring in any fruit but you're not allowed to bring in anything else?! So it can't be a hygiene etc issue as by the sounds of it food per se can be brought in. 

    My friend is a nurse in a hospital (if that's where you work? Might be worth making it clear to everyone here what exactly your situation is as everyone is slightly guessing). My friend had long hour shifts but as far as I'm aware ate whatever she wanted, there were. I restrictions. 

    How does your work place cater for different needs of their staff, ie vegetarians, caeliac, allergies, intolerances and so on? They must have a range of meals if they provide all, some sort of buffet style? So there should be a range of foods for you to choose from. Unless you're in a company of just a handful of people and they prepare just one or two specific meals a day you should have a range of things to choose from. If for pregnancy reasons you are essentially medically unable to eat any of these meals then that would need to be discussed and alternative options would have to be sorted. That's their responsibility during your pregnancy. However, if you are being 'picky' and saying you don't feel like eating this or that or any of the (let's say) five options there and so to speak blame it all on being pregnant, then I don't think you can complain much. Pregnancy doesn't excuse everything. 

    But if you do find yourself in a position (depending on circumstances that we don't know about) where you can only eat fruit in 12 hours then there's a problem and you need to address it.

    I've never heard of such a set up though, I have to say...

  • Its a jewish orthodox home thats the reason why.

  • Which means you are not allowed to have any of your own food?

  • I used to work in hospital before maternity leAve, and not only was I allowed to bring my own food, but I had to as no food would be provided for me, therefore I doubt this is a hospital setting, as never heard of having meals included in any hospital I worked! I did work 12 hour shifts too, including nights. Went down to 8 hour shifts when I was 30 weeks pregnant, and finishing latest at midnight. Of course you to avoid heavy lifting and avoid patients with certain medical conditions, and yes I was tired but doable. Heh I was a lot more tired once baby got here! 

  • No this is a jewish orthodox home no food allowed.

  • So the home follow kosher food rules then and I assume you cannot bring food that isn't kosher.

    I don't see how kosher restricts you drinking hot beverages or eating/purchasing your own food to eat off premises.  

    There seem to be alternative ways around these restrictions if you were really that concerned. 

    It's worth remembering that employees and employers have SHARED responsibilities, if you're not happy speak up in a constructive manner, suggesting practical solutions not problems.

  • The home provide hot beverages yes , on a long day i am allowed half hour break if i go outside to get something to eat by the time i took bus its almost 10 mins  gone from break , what i do drink loads of warm drinks daily with my fruits. I am sure loads of ways to get around it but its ok now i start to order food delivery and go to the car park to eat even if it very cold or raining.

  • Have you actually spoken to your boss about this? 

  • I did more than one occasion, i even go to the kitchen and ask for something like for eaxample they were doing  fish and chips i asked if i could get mashed potatoes please and clearly answer they are doing fish and chips. For me i just dont have the patience to go begging food and getting no for answer that my reason i just cant take embarassment for food. I spoke to my manager last week i ask for something to eat i told them i am really feeling hungry,my nanager call kitchen ask them to make me something kitchen reply they are doimg it now give them some time up untill now i havent receive the meal.

  • What about asking if you take food with you and eat it in the staff room? I don't think you can expect the kitchen to cook specific food for you. You're lucky if until now you had free meals. What do diabetic/ people with wheat intolerance etc do? 

  • I can't see how this would be allowed/legal to not let you or any of your colleagues have a decent meal during a 12 hour shift.  If they can't provide you with food that you can eat (can eat rather than want to eat) then you need to be allowed to bring your own food, not just during pregnancy. 

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