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So I've got a 11 week old beautiful girl. I have been trying to shift my baby weight for the last two months and I'm getting no where !!! We eat relatively healthy (biggest problem is skipping meals) I walked miles with my baby. It's really getting me down now as half of my clothes still don't fit me. I only have a few mum friends and they got their figure back straight away. Any advice or tips to help would be great. Thanks


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  • I was told 9 months on, 9 months off. Be kind to yourself, get used to being a mummy and enjoy that, the weight will come off when it's ready. If you're breastfeeding you find that the weight comes off but you're starving hungry so have to be careful not to eat too much. I found it took me about 10 months to lose my baby weight (my sister's wedding was a big incentive) but then sleep deprivation weight crept on and I'm struggling to shift that now, my baby will be 2 in three weeks time! Keep going, you can do it, just eat sensibly, don't miss any meals, cook healthy low salt food from scratch so you are in practise for when baby starts eating solids. Make sure you eat with your baby once they are weaning as it really helps them to know the food is safe and tastes good, I didn't do this with my first but did with my second, made a difference. None of my mum friends got their figures back as quickly as yours so they must have super bodies! Look after yourself so you can look after your baby properly.

  • OMG. Is there sleep deprivation weight gain? No wonder weight loss is so slow...

  • It took me a good four or five months to get back to my old weight and that's with baby carrying, breastfeeding and anxiety curbing my appetite! You will get there, it just takes a while! Don't feel bad about it, your body grew and carried a baby!

  • I agree with Winnie258. Your friends must have super bodies!! Whilst I did lose some of my weight I wore my maternity clothes for a good 3 or 4 months after and so did my sister in law. All in all I didn't feel 'back to normal' until my son was about 12 months. That's not to say people don't get back to their pre baby weight sooner but be kind to yourself, enjoy your baby and set a good example of healthy eating and it will happen in good time xx

  • I agree with all of the above replies, it takes nine months for the body to do the most extraordinary miracle and as Mums we should live in the real world. Unless you a rich or are a celebrity with a dietitian, personal trainer, a nunny e.t.c surely weight loss takes time for Mums living in the normal world. I found that with my first and second it took relatively 3 to 6 months to shift but as I got older and looked at it in a different angle and accepted natures ways it has taken a year and to loose 15 kgs and still have 5 kg to go. I am on baby number 4 now. Still breastfeeding,eating healthy normal portions and not skipping meals. Exercising at least 3 to 4 times a week, long walks, exercise bike, stairs. I refuse to skip meals or halve portions as I am still feeding a beautiful healthy sweet baby. As soon as I stop, not ready to do so yet, then I will reduce portion size more and the rest of the weight should hopefully shed off easily. I have accepted my lovely Mummy body/figure and confident with it as I see the work its done around me, 19, 8,4 and 1 year old girls. Please dont worry yourself, the weight will gradually shed, be patient it takes nine months of labouring to produce life, wishing you well

  • Stop trying so hard. Your body has just done an amazing job carrying, growing and birthing your baby. Your bump took months to grow so why would it disappear overnight. Some do get there figure back straight away but most don't. Relax and enjoy your baby girl, the weight will come off in time x

  • I don't have advice re losing the weight but I wanted to let you know you're not alone, I also have an 11 week old girl (she's 12 weeks tomorrow) and I am nowhere near to losing any of my baby weight. I also have friends who have snapped back into shape right away and some who gained no weight at all, but some of us do and it takes time to lose.

    Go easy on yourself, we may be bigger than before but we have beautiful babies to show for it x

  • Thanks everyone plodding on slowly. Smiles from my beautiful baby helps me feel better x

  • It will take a lot longer and the weight will come off slower (especially if u are breast feeding). Worse thing u can do is skip meals. It also might be worth signing up to a weight loss class such as Weight Watchers. You can do it online and They have an app which is really really good. My 2nd is 5months old now. I am breast feeding also and started WW in Jan. I use the app which has really helped as I can track everything I eat plus there is an online chat community (similar to Facebook). I have so far lost half a stone (about half a pound to a pound a week). The way I look at it is it went on Slow and is coming off slow. If it comes off slowly it's more than likely gonna stay off. Have a look it's good stuff. :)

  • I can totally relate. Baby is 10weeks tomorrow. Sitting in front of the mirror looking at my chubby face when I saw your post. My biggest annoyance is the big tum. As DH put it...i still look pregnant. Uhhh.

    Thank you lovely mummies for putting it in perspective.

  • My gorgeous Niamh is 10 months and I still haven't lost my baby weight. Now she's a bit more independent and is happy staying with daddy more I've joined the gym and go twice a week. I find it a great way to have some me time and a chat with friends at the same time. 

    Don't rush, your body has done an amazing thing! Be proud of your lumps, bumps and stretch marks! Im like a zebra. Yes I'm that stripey! And up two dress sizes. But I was only 1 stone heavier when pregnant. Weird.

    Enjoy your baby while she's little. I miss my tiny baby. 😍 xx

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