Wetting the baby's head!!

Hi I just wondered how you all feel about your partner going out to 'wet the baby's head' ?? I am personally not bought and sold on the idea when it's us women who have carried and given birth! So why is it just the men that go out and have a good time what's wrong with a family meal/the pair of you celebrating instead?! Sorry rant over :-/

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  • I agree 100%. No way does my other half get all the fun after I'm the one that's done all the work- we do it together or not at all.

  • It's one of those sexist old fashioned traditions! My husband used it as an excuse to go for a burger and a beer at the pub with two other friends who were having babies ha ha. It was also before our son was born instead of after so not sure it counts!

  • My hubby didn't. There wasn't time for that after I'd given birth! We spent the next few weeks just trying to take it in turns to go to sleep and looking after the baby. he wouldn't have dared leave me for an evening out! X

  • Hi at home Dad of two. Not sure what your trying to say but both of you as adults are allowed to go out to celebrate. Although having a baby at home puts the stops on that for a while. Also if you go out it means he gets to stay at home and bond with his child!

  • I guess it would depend on how soon after I give birth he wanted to go out. I certainly want him to be with me and the baby for the first two weeks when he's on paternity leave- although we might drive each other mad. Also, if people want to celebrate the arrival of my baby I would expect that to involve meeting the baby not going out getting drunk. The more I'm thinking about it the more I am agreeing with you!

  • He was thinking before the baby due but I found out today I'm in slow labour so hopefully that might put him off going out x

  • I completely agree with you! You're not ranting- you're speaking the truth! It's just an excuse for them to go out boozing! My husband is the same. Women do the hard physically draining, demanding work and they carry on as usual. our bodies change, our whole being changes and men carry on as usual.

    Feel like I'm ranting now!! Obviously we have babies and we adore them but it's hard work!!

    I wish you all the best my sister. You're not alone.


  • I feel better now knowing I'm not alone :-) thanks xx

  • Hope you're ok. We waited until Niamh was three months old and went for a meal together. (I wasn't keen on leaving her before that). We ended up getting good poisoning but it was nice to spend time as adults again. X

  • I'm good :-) and I think the idea of him going out has been put on hold anyway as I am already in slow labour! :-/ x

  • I am pregnant at the moment and to be honest as long as he helps I don't think I would mind. Maybe not go out and get totally drunk but have a few drinks is fine. I will still go for lunch with my friends so as long as he support me and watches the baby then I'm fine with him still having a social life. It's healthy.

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