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Pregnant again and really anxious

Hello ladies, its been a while since I was last on here.

I have 5 beautiful little ones I know I'm greedy lol, but all were great pregnancys and healthy baby's then I had a missed mc last July I was 13 weeks pregnant and it devastated me to say the least my consultant said I should try again as he believed id go on to have a healthy pregnancy the next time and go full term. So we did I fell pregnant and mc again in the October at 6 weeks I didn't want to try again as losing babies is heartbreaking but yesterday I found out I was expecting again and I'm terrified I'm scared of telling my oh for fear of losing this one too and just add to the disappointment and heartache, I'm calling the gp tomorrow and mw to get the ball rolling so to speak I know they will offer me epu app to make sure everything is ok but the thought of that scares me and makes me anxious as i cant stand the thought of seeing another lost lo on a computer screen 😞

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Hope it all goes well, I can't imagine the heartache you've been through. After this pregnancy it might be worth considering contraception if you don't want to get pregnant again.

Hope all goes well


Hi Georgina,

Miscarriage is horrible, I've had 3 and had to resort to IVF eventually. I'm nearly 16 weeks now on my IVF pregnancy and was on edge for the entire first trimester. As you have a history of mc now, you should be able to get scanned early, at 6-8 weeks. They will be able to tell then if things are progressing as they should. For me, I had been spotting in my 3 mc pregnancies and the first was missed mc, 2nd and 3rd I was scanned early and they saw the baby was measuring a week behind and I lost them about a week later.

I was referred to pregnancy loss clinic after 2 because I have no children. If you are unfortunate enough to have another mc, you should get referred to the pregnancy loss clinic for investigation. You could also consider a d&c so they can do chromosomal testing. Tests like thyroid, AMH, blood clotting, can all help to indicate a reason. But try not to think of any of that unless it happens. There is no reason for you to think that this pregnancy isn't healthy. Only a very small percentage of women have 3 or more.

They do say that there is no reason you can't have a healthy pregnancy after mc, so stay positive and if you feel healthy, have no cramping or spotting then you have no reason to fear the worst. But I would definitely ask to be scanned early due to your history. Or at least get hCG measured if you're too early to scan.


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