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The twins are here at 30+6

So on Sunday at around 3 my 9 year old and I where in the kitchen doing dinner when he started to laughter at me and say mom your wetting yourself. I didn't take it for nothing I just thought that babies where resting on my bladder. I rang the hospital and they told me as it was Sunday there's not much they can do. Up most of the night Sunday as I started to have contractions 30 minutes apart by 8 they where 15 minutes apart reached the hospital at 9 and first baby was born at 10:40. Baby 2 was Breach and the placenta from baby one was in the way so had to be rushe'd to theatre. Baby two came at 11:50. The twins are not breathing on their own yet but fingers cross they will be OK. Just keep us in your prays.

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Oh bless you. They will be fine. The NICU staff will work wonders I can promise you that! It really is a roller coaster an it will be an incredibly hard journey, not going to lie to you but every small bit of progress is so rewarding.

Our girls are now 7 and a half weeks old which now makes them 35 weeks gestation corrected 😊 they are doing great and are brilliant proof that miracles do happen.

If you need to talk about what going on please feel free to message me on here. Becoming an expert on emotional roller coasters and NICU 😊😊😊

Good luck and all the bestest wishes in the world

Sending so much love and hope your way xxxxxx

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X thinking of you all x keep us updated x


Your twins have arrived! I know it's a difficult time but hang in there. Try to take care of yourself as the staff will look after your little ones. You will get better and so will they xxx


Congratulations hun. Sending lots of love to you all xxx


Congratulations.they will be fine.keep us updated.xx


I just want you thank you all for your support it means so much to me.


Congratulations!!! Welcome to the World little ones, be strong 😊. Take care, look forward to hearing an update soon xxx


Congratulations and may God bless you and your twins. All the best XX


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