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Regarding 1st trimester pregnancy scan

Regarding 1st trimester pregnancy scan

I am 12 weeks 6 days pregnant.

I went for scan in which fetal pole was absent whereas fetal heart activity and gestational sac were present.

I was told it can be silent miscarriage but how could the fetal heart activity be present.

I had no symptoms of miscarriage and my pregnancy test is positive.

Further i referred another hospital, they asked to go for re scan after 2 weeks

Please guide.

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Hi I'm sorry you've been left in such a confusing situation. I suspect they want you to come back in two weeks in case you are less pregnant than 12 weeks and are hoping you will go back then and say be 6 weeks or something and that's why they could see a heart beat and fetal pole but not a developed 12 week fetus.

When you have a missed miscarriage there aren't always any symptoms Infact you may still have pregnancy symptoms and a test will often show positive until a couple of weeks after a miscarriage when the hcg hormones goes down so please don't stress yourself out doing tests.

Is there anyway yor dates could be wrong?

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Hi Anshi

Sorry to hear that you have concerns regarding your pregnancy. The notes in the picture you have posted advise a leaflet has been given to you and findings and options explained. Are you able to give any further information as to what they explained? It can be difficult to take in all this information at the time of the scan, so is there an information helpline on the leaflet that they have given you so that you might be able to discuss this with a medical professional?

It is difficult to know without this information how to guide you further - I would encourage you to speak with your GP regarding the above notes if they can explain further.

Wishing you well


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