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UTI that will NOT go away... Need suggestions

Since July I have been having on and off UTI symptoms such as pain while urinating, lower abdominal pain, cloudy urine, bladder spasms (intense pain), pain during sex, and abnormal smelling discharge. Although I do not have these symptoms every time I urinate they still cause extreme discomfort.

I went into the health center where they found several bacteria infections, a UTI, and a yeast infection and I was treated for all of those using antibiotics. I went back in for testing and they found that everything was cleared up except the UTI so I did a 5 day dose of Macrobid. I have also been taking Azo cranberry pills about every other day, but I know my body still isn't right.

I have been tested for STDS and my urine cultures continue to come back with no bacterial growth. I also drink a lot of water.

Has anyone experienced this and received an accurate diagnosis/treatment? Its been several months that I have not felt right and I would love some input before I go see a urologist.

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