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Having a mini panic!

Ok, experienced mummies, I need your advice! Niamh had her second lots of injections on Monday, and though her legs were a little red for a day or so she was absolutely fine, nothing too unexpected. But since thursday she's been sick a bit more and then yesterday she slept most of the day, only waking for 2 or 3oz feeds every four hours, slept right through for the first time last night and is asleep again now. She's not feeding as much as she was either.

Ive stupidly looked on the internet and frightened myself with what some people have said.

Am I being paranoid or should I ring the doctors?

🙈 xxx

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Hi hun I think no matter what anyone else says go with your instinct and get her checked out :) it's probably nothing but put your mind at ease xxx

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Ive got an appointment at the hospital in a couple of hours. I've not been worried about her health much at all so want it checking. I know she's not herself.

Thankyou! Xxx


A virus apparently. She's had a good scream and cry and fed a bit more and has gone back to sleep again. 🙈 I wonder if maybe she is just going to be like this now.

Poor baba. Given her lots of cuddles. 😍❤ xx


Aww poor little girl xx feel better soon xx

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