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Tips on a better nights sleep?

Well girlies, the belly is most definitely taking over now and everything, EVERYTHING, is uncomfortable. Sleep is becoming an impossible task.... Has anybody got any tips on knocking ones-self out well enough, so not to be woken an hour or so later by something aching?

I've got a billion pillows, including a V shaped one. Helpppppp please!!!!!

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I had the best sleep on a recliner sofa at a friends house, sitting up with the leg bit out and the backrest down a little. No pressure on bump or boobs. Used the v pillow around my neck so my head didn't flop to the side. I'm sure you could do something similar with a armchair and footrest. 😊

Not too much longer hun, then you can sleep on your tummy again! Well for a couple of days until your milk comes in and your boobs get uncomfortable. 🙈

Who's silly idea was it to have a baby! Haha.


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Ahhhhh the most amazing day when the belly flop onto the bed will be possible again!!!! I feel I may actually throw a party for this day!

That sound like an awesome though, may have to transform the living room into my bedroom.... Not too sure how the other half would feel about it. May end up being thrilled about it seeing as he will be able to starfish.

I blame Nathan for the baby idea! 100%, it's definitely never us ladies fault.... Never lol

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Haha. Patrick never even wanted kids until he met our gorgeous munchkin. It's all my fault apparently. 😊 xxx

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Was gonna suggest sleeping propped up like on a recliner. I got a full length pregnancy pillow which helped for awhile but towards the end nothing much helped with the pain in my hips, plus they can be really hot! Try and get naps in when you can, it'll get you in training for when the girls arrive anyway :-) x


I haven't found anything that helps yet 😩 (really not helpful, sorry 😔)

I will have to try the recliner sofa idea - just need to buy one first!


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