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Implantation bleeding or period?

Hi, so me and my partner are trying for baby no2 now. My period was suppose to come today(7th) however I got it 4days early & it only lasted a day & a half first day was normal then the next was just spotting blood when I wiped & now today i have brown spotting i took a pregnancy test the other day and was negative but is there a chance I could still be pregnant & this is just implantation bleeding & not my period as I never get my period early & my periods usually last 5/6days & are bleeding the full time. I have had a few pregnancy symptoms before I got this "period" such as backache, headaches, cramping, feeling sick, tired & needing the toilet more often too. Any advice would be great thanks x

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Test again?! I would, especially if you feel rubbish. Or go to GP.

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