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Can I still be pregnant?

Me & my partner had unprotected sex twice, a week and a half before my period was due. The day my period was due is was light spotting all day until late that night when it was normal bleeding my period lasted roughly 4 days whilst on period we had unprotected sex again the last one being day before I finished but was only spotting that day again. I took a home pregnancy test the day my period started it was negative but I still feel very tired, sick & stomachs cramps could I still be pregnant?

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Possibly - recommend you wait it out til next period / go to docs for urine pregnancy test to double check. This should hopefully set mind at ease, as at least you will know either way.

Also (no judgement but...) recommend using protection next time - important for your & partners health & will (generally) protect against pregnancy (if you're not keen to start a family yet ๐Ÿ˜€). Hubby & I started trying for baby Oct 2013, when I mc in early Jan 2014 baby was 7 weeks; then I was pregnant again July 2014 & we have 13 week old baby boy now, so some people can be pretty fertile - therefore be cautious if you don't want a family yet!!


Thank you for getting back to me. I will wait until next period is due and take it from there thanks.

Me & my partner have a 2year old girl already & have been trying again recently for another but just with the symptoms etc then negative test I wasn't sure if I could possibly still be pregnant but will hold out u till next period is due .

Congratulations on your little boy ๐Ÿ˜€ & thanks again for advice


Ahh, now I understand. Yes if it's early days, wait it out til next period as can't normally get scan til like 9-12 weeks anyway. I have heard of negative tests when preg hormones low (eg cos its early, etc.) but still having preg symptoms; period tracker app useful for this sort of discussion. I Defo had nausea in August 2014 when early days (tested late July was 2 weeks then) as work for uni & it was clearing - remember well, would've been 4-5 weeks then. Maybe clear blue digital test if haven't done that already???


I maybe try the clear blue digit one and see if that's better than the one I had already used. Every symptom and the way my period was is the exact same when I fell pregnant with my little girl but like you say may be too early to show positive with hormone levels low


Sounds like good plan to me neeeks!! May give fuller answer (if feels same as wiv your little girl). Worth double-checking & not too pricey these days. If still negative, then wait it out til next period & test again then if no period. I haven't had period since June last year, so hoping mine start again soon, tho hear it can take while.


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