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9 weeks 1 day pregnant

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I'm 9 weeks 1 day pregnant with our first baby. Fingers crossed ive only had a little morning sickness but find that mints or ginger biscuits work for taking it away. Have found that i could sleep on a washing line too and am constantly grazing. No crazy cravings though as yet i guess thats still all to come. My due date is 21st November, had my first midwife appointment on thursday and cant wait for scan now which should be beginning of May. Eeeeek sooo excited x

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Awww huge congrats :) such an exciting time- so jealous, I miss my bump & felt so well throughout my pregnancy. My little girl is 15months now, and it's going to be a few years before there is a second one for me I think.

Cravings are funny, I didn't have any until a month before my due date lol I had a strawberry milkshake one day & that was it! Could not get enough of strawberry flavoured foods (but not actual strawberries strangely enough). Then after she was born I never bothered again.

The first scan is amazing, finally makes it all real :) xx

Thank you, it sooo exciting and can't wait. Bet ur little girl is a blessing too, ive had ICI to get this far so this is defo a precious little bundle . it doesnt seem real at the mo but will do very soon, cant wait to feel he/she moving around in there too. Its funny u didnt have any cravings until so late on in your pregnancy too and for all things strawberry.

I hope that wen u add to your family that your pregnancy goes as smoothly as it did with your little girl xx

Awww a bit of a journey for you then :) it will be worth every second Hun!

The first kicks are pretty amazing too, I remember being unsure of what I was actually feeling & it wasn't until a few days later I was certain of what it was lol she was a proper little wriggler- ands it's always when your trying to relax or want to go to sleep that they start lol

Yeah it has been but we were blessed first time and have got one more egg on ice so we can use that at a later date. The worst part was harvesting the eggs that was super painful, the injections and other bits were easy. Yeah someone else said it feels like indigestion or butterflies to start with but then once u know wot ur feeling its easier to recognise. When did u feel ur first kicks? I hope he/she sleeps wen i do n doesnt keep me awake lol x

I actually felt tiny kicks or some sort of nudge lol, didn't feel anything like the butterflies I'd heard described, just a few at first at almost 17 weeks :) (That's quite early for a first time pregnancy I've heard though). my partner could feel tiny kicks about 2-3weeks later too, and she gave the sonographer a boot at week at my 20week scan lol

Ahhhh that's so lovely that it worked first time, I can't imagine it being a very nice process- physically or emotionally. Hope everything goes well & your blessed again with your other egg xx

Wow thats lovely and early but is also reassuring that everythings ok too n baby is moving well too. Ha ha she was defo lettting the sonographer know that she was there and they were prob waking her up too. Its a hard journey but well worth it in the end xx

Congratulations, I am 21 weeks from ivf baby. I was exactly the same I just wanted to eat everything, felt pants until about 14 weeks so don't be upset your not really sick it's not a good thing. Good luck with your journey x

I am having the same symptoms as you! 7weeks 2days! I can sleep around the clock and I am always hungry although, my appetite is small and I fill up fast! I worry about every pain and ache but I hear that's normal. I had my 6 week scan and started to cry when I heard the heartbeat. It made things so real!

Hi I too am due on 21st November :-D

My 4th baby!!! Crazy eh? I have 16 and 14 year old boys and a beautiful 9month old girl from my new husband. Can't wait for her to have her little brother or sister to play with as my older boys dote on her but they will soon fly the nest leaving her.

I have my scan on 9th may. Can't wait as that's when it feels real!

I am pretty sick and exhausted but not as bad as my last pregnancy luckily.

Congrats on your pregnancy, it is the best thing in the world growing another human

Hello! My baby is also due on 21st November and it is my first baby!

I booked my antenatal appointments with an NHS hospital in East London. My midwife history consultant appointment is on 30th April and my first antenatal appointment is on 14th May. Do you know if I will get a scan on my second appointment?

I heard so bad stories of NHS midwives. Do you recommend to go private if I can afford it?


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We've thought about going private too but sadly we live in Scotland and there doesn't seem to be anywhere up here that you can.

congratulations! start keeping sentimental things now - e.g. photos of bump and stuff like that. well I wish I had anyway. only craving I had was for orange Fanta! drank too much of the stuff xxx

I am 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant with our first baby - due on 30 November. It happened a lot quicker than we thought so still feel in shock! We haven't told a soul yet as I'm so worried something bad happens, we are waiting to even tell family until after our 12 weeks scan...which is going to be hard as I feel like i'm huge already! I've been feeling so sick for about 3 weeks, and the only thing that helps is grazing all the time. I just feel like i'm hungover all the time, hungover but with huge sore boobs! It feels like a long wait until our scan - 18 May!

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