Overweight and pregnant

I'm 10 weeks pregnant and seem to be constantly worrying about my weight. It's driving me crazy as I know there's not much I can do about it as yes I am going to put on more weight. My maternity notes have info about my weight and all the extra risks involved. Midwife led care has also been crossed out which is really freaking me out! I'm not only worrying about the risks to myself and the baby but also how heavy I will be when the baby is born and how I'm going to lose it. I'm hoping it's my hormones that are making me so crazy about this but I just don't know what to do!

I had just lost a stone when we conceived at 13st 9lb and so far I have put 3lb on. I am walking every day for at least half an hour although it being very gently due to my tiredness. My diet seems pretty healthy, especially enjoying my salad cravings at the minute. Just wondered if anyone had been through this and can they offer any advice?

Thank you x

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Just remember you do put on weight during pregnancy due to baby weight and the guild around baby. Roughly around a stone will be baby and waters. Don't do too much and really wear yourself out, that won't be doing you any good. Make sure you are definitely getting the calories that you do need, remember baby is feeding from the food supply aswell. But you do not need to eat for 2, that is a myth. Eat little and often, keep that metabolism up and keep up the walking. You'll be fine Chucky egg. There are plenty of people out there that are way bigger than 13stone and are pregnant or have been pregnant and are/ have carried perfectly healthy babies.

P.s. Salad cravings!?!?!?!? Lucky you! Knowing me I'll crave chocolate!

I've not seen my midwife yet, but I'm 16 stone so.... I'm sure you'll be fine 😊

Sorry, I really should think before I post.... Plus I wouldn't go crazy and over do it... I was at one point in the not so very distant past 11 stone and down to a size ten. I look half dead at that weight and the doctor still told me that I was unhealthy overweight. I was being told that I look ill because I was so thin by my family. I think healthy weight depends on who you are. I think the guidelines are so ridiculously strict. So yeh.... Don't worry. Just as long as you feel healthy and you're happy 😊

I'm in the same boat as you. Your midwife should have let you know cause if your bmi you will be consultant led ( if she's crossed out midwife led)

I'm going with the thought that I am the size I am and that's that really - no point worrying now!

Thank you for your replies. It's just so scary reading everything and you kind of feel a bit helpless. Obviously I know I am overweight but I just didn't put myself in the needing a risk assessment category if you know what I mean. I just really want to get to the first scan which is on the 28th just so I know that everything is ok hopefully.

My cravings have been all over the place - I went off tea/coffee/anything sweet/fatty, then craved sugar puffs for a couple of days, then salads so I guess my body is just telling me what it needs so I'm going with it

Hope you get on ok with the midwife x

I went through a stage of wanting everything orange... Orange juice, fresh oranges, orange orange orange. Obviously lacking some vit c lol now, I don't have anything that I'm craving but I am going through a stage where I don't want anything stodgy. Light bites at the moment.

And thank you... I hope it does aswell. Can't wait to have my scan date!!!!! You'll have to let us know how your scan goes! Oops exciting stuff 😊

I'm afraid I do not agree in general with the theory that cravings are for what your body needs. If that was truly the case, we would all crave healthy things that are good for us all the time and not only in pregnancy. The fact is that food cravings (pregnant or not) are based on our ancestry and times when it was very hard to find sugar and fat, so we craved it and when we found it we gorged. Unfortunately this urge has not yet been 'lost' by human evolution even though we can readily get sugar and fat these days.

I had really bad cake cravings for about a month but managed to resist by eating other healthier options such as fruit with yoghurt (low fat/sugar) or drinking a pint of water (you'd be surprised how this can take huger cravings away). Not that I am an angel.. crisps are my downfall but I try not to go crazy!!!

Your weight is not really excessive, yes you will gain in pregnancy but if you keep eating healthily and do plenty of walks/swimming/whatever exercise you can, you will be fine!! x

One of the ladies that came to our NCT group for pregnant ladies said she had lost weight during her pregnancy - she goes to slimming world and lost it safely and responsibly. I'm not saying you should lose weight, but if you are worried about it and wanted to explore that option, it is a possibility.

Congrats :) try not to stress your self out over it. I was around 15st and had a healthy boy 4months ago. All you can do for you and your baby is make all the right food choices now but remember dieting is not recommended. Regarding the weight you will put on during pregnancy, the majority will be the extra fluid plus baby so as long as your eating healthy you will lose it once baby is born. It sounds like your doing everything you can so try to relax.

I developed gestational diabetes so had to be particularly careful with what I ate during the third trimester and still had a healthy baby, actually lost 11kgs from cutting out sugar in hot drinks and fizzy pop, what I ate was fine just those pesky drinks.

I was also somewhat overweight during pregnancy, but I have found that breastfeeding and cawing my baby around in a sling walking all over the pace as I don't drive and I've lost more than just the weight I put on and I feel healthy with it. There are ways to lose baby weight, I think maybe people who have never had any weight to lose panic about getting their lovely shape back sooner, but I didn't have any issues and with a bit of a push I'm assuming to be on a good healthy for me weight

Hi ya! I m in the same boat as i ve been trying for a baby for 5 years and we gone through IVF cycle. in order to have it on NHS i lost almost 5 st.

After Ivf i put 1.5st back on and we were preparing to go through 2d round of IVF this May. But i found out that we conceived naturally (i still cant believe).

Im visiting my family in another country at the moment so didnt see GP yet but i know im 6 weeks pregnant and my BMI around 30 . my size 12 and i know i need to loose around 3.5-4 st to be a very healthy weight abd BMI .

But i suspect i will be very slim looking as loads of people dont even think im fat when i say that i need to loose more weight.

anyway the point is that i though ill start my diet after holiday but now im a bit confused to what to do as im afraid to put back all the weight i lost.

Sorry i guess its not much of help.

But Slimming world or weight watchers options sounds good to me!

Ive done both and WW suits me much more as i love fruits.

Thank you so much for all of your comments, advice and suggestions. I'm now almost 12 weeks and have put on a total of 5 pounds so I don't think that's too excessive at this stage although I know some people do lose weight in the first trimester. I have now come to terms with the fact that I will gain weight I just know I need to keep control of it as much as I can. I don't want to spend the rest of my life being on a diet as its really important that I can teach the baby to have a healthy relationship with food. Reminding myself of this every day I hope is helping my own eating habits x

Hi Mrs K. I was around the same weight as you when I conceived, if not a little heavier. I'm only 5'5" so I do look curvy anyway but although I was on the extra folic acid (which made my morning sickness a million times worse!) and I'm still on aspirin my midwife says I'm actually one of the most straightforward overweight pregnancys she's dealt with. 😊 I'm now 36 weeks (and getting excited to meet our little girl!) and everything is perfect. My bump measurements are quite literally perfect, and baby is a wriggle bum. All good. Just to let you know that being a gorgeous curvy person doesn't mean you can't relax and enjoy being pregnant. I'm 15 stone now, and know there's a bit more to grow yet, but so what! We are doing an amazing thing, growing a person!! 😍 just take it as it comes. X

If youre really worried about it slimming world is fantastic,I joined 2 months ago and I've lost nearly 2 stone. They work with you while youre pregnant. We're ttc and I plan to stick to sw to.keep me in control!

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