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Bleeding 18 days into my cycle


I gave birth to my beautiful son in September and my periods started when he was three months old. We decided as it took so long to fall with him we'd leave it up to nature. My period cycle was 24 days then 27 days and then this month I'm due next week but I started last night. It is med/heavy flow and normal red bleed so ruled out implantation bleed. I have no other symptoms about from mild cramps. So ruling out pregnancy. Just wondered if anyone else has had such a short cycle.

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Atm, I think I'm around 6 (nearly 7) weeks, I had my son 17 months ago, and after going back on the pill shortly after he was born, I decided to come off the pill and 'let nature take its course' as, like u, it took us quite a while to conceive him. So since last summer I've had no contraception. My periods had been heavy since having him, sometimes my cycle was 23/24 days, sometimes 31 days, but I'm wondering if I am in fact further on than I am as my morning sickness is really bad this time. Its also started early! And I know every pregnancy is different, but I'm wondering if my bleed in January was actually an implantation bleed. My cycles were a bit funny when I started back on the contraception, constant spotting through the month, but it might be, if your not pregnant, just ur hormones and body getting back to normal. It can take a while. My mum said to me give it 6 months to feel normal again! X


Thank you for responding and congrats on your pregnancy :-)

I think you are spot on...hormones!

My first sign of pregnancy is extremely tender boobs and none of that!

I too was on the mini pill and i had the same problem as you, spotting & sparatic bleeding And took ages to get back on track when I came off of it..another reason why i decided not to go back on them after the birth.

I suppose you'll get a precise date at the scan and if you are further along it will be a added bonus!!

Good luck x


I know from myself and friends that after pregnancy the cycles can be all over the place and be quite short (or very long). Seeing as you've only had two cycles, I think it's perfectly normal to have had such a short cycle, so I wouldn't think much about it. But might be worth to keep making notes on the length of cycles (which I think you're doing anyway). If you're then considering 'actively' trying again you'll have a clearer idea how your body works now after pregnancy. Mine was very different afterwards.


I was the same my periods started four months after our little lady was born then my second or third cycle was only three weeks then went to five. They are all over the place until they settle down I think


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