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Tea and biscuits

So I'm almost 6 weeks (as far as I know) and the morning sickness has proper kicked in! Around 3/4 weeks earlier than my first pregnancy. I'm able to do more this time, probably cause I have to now with a 16 month running around 😄 yesterday I was able to keep down more food than today. But I'm managing to keep fluids down, especially tea! And biscuits are also my friend! Weird thing is too, I usually have 2 sugars in my tea, but I only want one atm 😄 i hope this passes soon, the house needs a good sort and I'm in no state atm lol. Any tips out there on coping with it? I hate ginger, but I'm almost close to giving it a go. Hope you are all having a nice evening x

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Ginger biscuits! I think different things work for different people. My first pregnancy I couldn't stand the smell of wine (if my oh was having a glass, I'd make him go in another room) in the first trimester and I went right off chocolate. My second I couldn't drink tea or have milk as it made me feel sick. I found fizzy water helped both times and I ate a lot of toasted cheese and marmite sandwiches! Hope you find what works for you and feel better soon, housework always needs to be done so don't worry about it, look after yourself especially as you are looking after a toddler as well. Oh and second pregnancy I felt sick in my third trimester as well as the first trimester.


Smells are getting to me but not as much as last time. Not yet anyways *touch wood* last time Lenore fabric conditioner got to me, meat, curry. The fizzy water might be an idea, not feeling as bad today, but still not well ☹ hope I don't suffer later on in this pregnancy, after my morning sickness passed the first time, the only time after that I was sick was during labour while on the hormone drip. That was horrible! Anyways, thanks for your response. Much appreciated 😊


Don't worry about sorting the house until you're feeling up to it. Anything with bubbles helped my nausea - at first i was drinking Fanta all day but started to expand rather quickly so i switched to fizzy water. And always with a straw. xx

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Ohh, might have to buy some straws lol! Thanks for your response x


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