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sleeping beauties

Hi All,

Just after some advice. Our little lady (will soon be 18 months) has been a good sleeper until recently. She hasn't been well for about 8 weeks now but has recently started to improve. The last 4 nights she has been waking up and not being able to get herself back to sleep. This has resulted in the other morning waking up at 2.30am and not going back off until 6.30 where she slept until 9am. (she generally goes down about 8pm and she used to have 12 hours continuous sleep) This morning she woke up at 5.30. I stayed with her until 7am and tried rocking, singing and rubbing her back. Non of this worked and she ended up screaming until 8am where she finally got herself back to sleep.

Not sure if this is a development thing, the time of year thing or habit as she has been unwell for so long. We have tried giving her calpol incase it is her teeth but nothing seems to be helping.

I would love some advice or would like to know if it is a phase!

July 02!

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My daughter is 15 months old. We have just gone through a similiar thing. She was poorly for awhile, then started waking during the night. When she was poorly she was not eating as much as usuall. The only way she got back to sleep at night was having some milk. We took her to the doctors and they gave her some antibiotic's. Surprisingly the doc took our word that she was not herself! Eventually as she started to get better she started sleeping and eating better. So in our case we believe she was waking cos she was hungry. It doesn't help that she was teething too!

Then on Christmas Eve she slept through the night again the first time for 2 weeks.

Time, patience and going to the docs helped us. I know it's hard when they start waking during the night again.

Hope this helps, good luck.


They often have sleep regression at around 18 months, so it's just a phase. My nearly 3 yo hasn't been sleeping well for ages as her back teeth are still coming through. I have a 9 month old as well and some nights they play sleep tag, one wakes up while the other sleeps, then the other has their turn and so on! Sleep deprivation is hard, but they will sleep eventually, I'm not looking forward to having to wake them up, when they're still sleeping and need to get ready for school!


Thank you ladies for your advice! It has made me feel a better mum! :) Hope you guys get some sleep soon too! :) XxxX


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