10mth old waking same time every night

Hi, not been in here for a while. My son is now 10 months old and has always been a good sleeper from day dot. He's weaned and only had a breakfast and nighttime bottle of milk, I've switched him to full fat cows milk now. At about 2am he keeps waking up for no good reason, it's does t take a lot to get him back to sleep but it's a faff as I'm a single parent who works full time so it's all on me.

He has two bottom teeth and four top teeth that came down all at once. I think he may be teething again as when I feel his top gums there are teeth on the surface. Poor little sod keeps having them all break through at the same time. He is also unusually moany before bedtime and this is not usual for him.

Any ideas ladies xxx

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I did giggle when I saw your post has 'sod' as one of its key words! ;) I sounds like it probably is his teeth and the good thing is that this phase will pass... I know it makes no difference at 2 in the morning when you've gotta get up but it's always worth bearing in mind that things are always changing and he'll soon move on from this irritating habit. Can I just say well done to you, working with a ten month old and doing it all on your own! It's not easy being a single parent at the best of times let alone at 2am when he's awake-again! Just make sure you give him lots of cuddles (they grow up so quick-my boys are now 7 &15- no. 3 is on the way in April) and I wouldn't feel bad giving him a small amount of calpol if he seems in pain. Remember, this too will pass :) All the best xx

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maybe he wants a bottle or a sip of water?perhaps hes genuinely hungry and as for teething my baby waited till he was one and cut ten in two months,plus is walking and talking too ,maybe your man is on growth spurt like mine.


Thanks x


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