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Question for you all as need advice. I Have got a urine infection and because I'm allergic to penicillin they have given me tramethrprine (don't know how to spell it) the doctor was really hesitant to give it to me but then decided too I read the leaflet in with it and it says you shouldn't take it if your pregnant. Im now 26 weeks. I was just wondering if anyone has taken this and had any problem because I don't want it to harm my baby?

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Trimethoprim blocks the body from absorbing folic acid as effectively so make sure you take a prenatal vitamin just to try get them vitamin in there. The doctor wouldn't have given it you if he thought the risks of taking it would out weigh the risk of having the infection. The problem with water infection is if it ends up being a kidney infection it can cause you to go into preterm labour. If you still conserened go and speak to a pharmacy and they will be able to tell you any other risks there may be hope you feel better soon ! X


I was the same during my pregnancy, although slightly later. I had trimethoprim too as I'm allergic to penicillin. It does say not to give to pregnant ladies, but my doctor said it was more of a problem in the early stages when the baby was still forming so it was better to take it and get rid of the urine infection or I could get a bad infection which would be worse. My little girl has just turned 6 months and is perfectly fine, except for being a cheeky monkey which I'm sure wasn't caused by the antibiotics! Hope you feel better soon x


I'm also allergic to penicillin and had to have antibiotics twice during pregnancy, once the one you mention. Personally I don't think it's ideal to take antibiotics during pregnancy (and in general) but at the same time you are given antibiotics for a good reason and if you weren't to take them it would quite possibly create a danger to you and/or the baby. I've got various health issues and GPs were always careful (which is in itself comforting to know) but its important to make sure we are healthy for the growing little one inside us so sometimes this means having to take medication that you'd rather avoid during pregnancy. But as far as I know this one is fine to take.


Thank you all so much for your replies you have really put my mind at ease. I just want what's best for my little girl in my belly! Hope you are all well xxx


I actually took trimethoprim in the first 8 weeks of my second pregnancy and my younger son is now 7 yrs old so it can even be fine in early prenancy! Best of luck, hope you feel better soon x

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