Started my IVF treatment!!

Morning all. Started my IVF treatment yesterday. Now feels VERY real lol. My OH is now starting to get overwhelmed at thought of having a baby bless him as he's never had children of his own but taken my son and loves him with all of his heart. Read the side effects of the meds and well it's the gift that keeps on giving! Can put on weight or lose weight, boobs can get bigger or smaller and could grow extra hair just to name a few. So if you see a half fat, half hairy one big boobed women walking towards you it's only me so say hi lol x

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congratulations! hope you don't get too many of the side effects xxx

Fingers crossed hun lol

All the very best of luck... I had 12 IVF cycles and never had any side effects. Everyone is so different! Wishing you luck first time though, and if it works, hell, who cares about side effects ;)

aw bless you! I didn't have many side effects in my IVF cycles - just a few hot sweats and headaches which were manageable. But looking at my little 5 month old cutie chewing his blanket as I type has made it all worth while anyway. Good luck with the process and look forward to hearing of your happy arrival soon! xx

Awwww congratulations wizzywoo? Do you live in the uk hun? If so which clinic did you go through? It will be a small price to pay for it working that's for sure. Did either of you ladies experience pain in yours ovary area? I'm getting some quite uncomfortable shooting pains. Xx

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