Hip Pain

I'm 28 weeks pregnant and as recommended have been sleeping on my side (left side as much as possible). The last few nights I've been woken up every hour or so with pain in the hip I've been laying on and had to switch sides for another hours sleep before the pain in the other hip wakes me up again. I did have this a few weeks ago and I've been sleeping with a pillow between my legs which seemed to help. But now even with the pillow the pain is back. Any other suggestions?

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  • My sides went numb and I had to keep switching, just one of the many perks I guess :) x

  • I have same problem! Try sleeping with a spare pillow under your hip, or wrapping duvet round and underneath you. If you start getting hip pain during day ask midwife to refer you to physio as you might need support belt and/or pelvic stretch exercises

  • I remember this well. I had to sleep with a spare duvet under me and a pillow between my knee, one between my ankles AND one behind my back. I think that by the time I was 39 weeks (when my boy was born) I was using 5 pillows to get comfy. Turning over was interesting! Keep playing around with different bedding as support, you'll find something that works. With this pregnancy I was thinking of spending the money on a pregnancy support pillow. It may well be worth it.

  • Thanks for your answers ladies, looks like I'm doing some pillow shopping this week!

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