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Traveling by train with three month old advice wanted

I am due to travel alone with our little girl by train for a five day trip. Thankfully we won't need to take much except luggage, and nappy bag but its an eight hour journey including a change. What is best to take for her to sit in other than carrier? Car seat, pram? I can't carry her around in the car seat, it hurts my back. Its a lot to carry with a baby any ideas or advice?

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Personally I would take a sling and my travel system wheels with the car seat on top so I have the car seat with me in case I needed it while away. Baby will sit on your lap most of the journey, just be ready for when you need to change.

Not quite the same, but I travelled by train from Essex to Newcastle with my toddler while in the first trimester with my second. I took the pushchair mainly to carry things. Just to reassure you, there are loads of lovely people that offer to help and station staff should help out. I had to go across London using the tube and to get to the right platform I needed to cross the tracks via a bridge. I found the staff very helpful, a member of tfl staff carried my pushchair while I helped my toddler over the bridge, but when there weren't any staff around, several people offered to help lift the pushchair.


A sling might be an option? Babies love them because they are close to you and it also still gives you 2 free hands to carry luggage etc and they don't take up any space !


I did a train journey that was only 1 hour travel with a 3mth old to see my mum and I couldn't fold our pram down so I took baby in a baby carrier so I could get off and on train with ease. I also had to take a tram across Manchester after the train so I needed to be quite rapid. I found it so much easier than faffing with a buggy xx


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