So, in June we were filled with happiness at discovering I was pregnant. Sadly 2 weeks later the signs were not good and I miscarried at 7 weeks. I've realised today that again I'm late with my period and there's a chance I could be pregnant. Last time I was overjoyed then crashed when I miscarried. Now I feel scared and have no idea what to do. Can anyone help?

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  • Hi there

    I am sorry to hear that you had a loss recently. I too had a miscarriage in Nov 2012 at 8 weeks and was devastated. I could never have imagined that the loss at 8 weeks would be painful and also very sad. I have 3 girls and the love of my family and God helped me through it. I am expecting again and 12 weeks plus and going for my first scan today. A lot of women who get a miscarriage go on to have a healthy and successful pregnancy, stay positive and hope for the best outcome. I know it is hard but such is life, Loss is an unfortunate part of it and with time you will be okay. If you turn out to be pregnant look after yourself and all the best for you and your family. X X X

  • Hi Mad Musician, you know what to do. Being scared is only natural but you can control it. Even when you think you can't. Take a deep breath. Focus on the things you can do. For example, do a pregnancy test and see if you are pregnant. Don't put it off or you'll just heighten your anxiety. If it's true then focus on positive baby steps you can control. Ensure you're taking the right supplements, eating correctly, drinking plenty of water, cutting out caffeine, keeping active, seeing MW and GP, getting checked out at EPC etc - see? You know exactly what to do. Worry, fear and anxiety are wasted emotions. We all know this to be true. It's a lot easier said than done, we all know that one too, but if you are pregnant again the decision has been taken for you. You're going to have to deal with it. So you might as well do so with strength in your heart. You are strong. You can take this in your stride. You will cope. If you are clear that you have done what you can to be as healthy as possible to carry your pregnancy, then there is nothing else you can do. This is one of the few events in life where The Universe knows and we don't. So bear that in mind. Shout if you need to. Tell your head to give you a break when your mind whizzes out of control. You have done nothing wrong. Keep your thoughts simple in your mind and remember we all get through life in the happiest way possible by taking a deep breath, exhaling and taking baby steps. Reduce it down. Take each and every day as it comes. Don't seek too far ahead. Find the edges of the darkness and fold it up like an old sheet until you can stuff it in a little box and throw it in the bin where it belongs. You are strong. You will be fine. You will cope. You will go on. I promise you that there is always a light on somewhere in your future but you won't find it if you stand rigid in fear. Walk forward with your head held high. xxxx

  • Hopeful15- wow!! You should be a public speaker. I could do with your straight forward reassuring words once a month to keep life in perspective, my goodness I feel so empowered by your post. And you are so right!

    So MM take these words and roll with it, she is so right.

    Take care of yourself, do all you can to keep yourself safe, and I'm sure you will be fine. Your loss happened for a reason beyond your control, and you have been blessed again so soon.

    Congratulations! Xx

  • Thanks everyone for your advise. It would appear on this occasion it was a false alarm. I'd got my hopes up that I'd been luck and got pregnant again very quickly but I will take on board some of your suggestions and hopefully I may be successful next month.

  • Take care MM. Sending you a massive virtual hug xxx

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