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Period troubles after having a baby

Hi ladies just wondered if any of you have experienced issues with periods since having a baby I had my daughter in august last year, my first period after was in December which expectidly was awful, my periods continued to be monthly from then on however there extremely heavy, painful and last anywhere from 10 to 14day so no sooner am I finished one I'm almost due for another. I knew it took up to 8months for your bodies to re-regulate themselves after having a baby so iv just suffered with it. Now my daughter is almost 1year old iv giving in a gone to the docs. Iv already had various tests for other issues (which have came up clear) still no explanation for but my GP is taking blood from me on Friday to test my thyroid for any problems. Has anyone experienced anything like this before who can tell me what caused the problem of what can be done?

Soo fed up of horrible periods and terrible mood swings seriously I'm giving myself emotional whiplash never mind my children and partner lol. Xx

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Hi there,

sorry i can't be much help as to why they are like this but i to am experiencing very heavy and very painful periods since having my daughter in July last year. The pain is unbearable and almost feels like contractions!! I'm due at the doctors next wk about them. I also get horrendous mood swings starting a wk before I'm due on.

lets hope we get sorted soon!!

Good luck x


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