Chances of 2 Clearblue pregnancy test being wrong?

Last Wednesday I was two days late and had a lot of the early pregnancy sings. So, I took a test first thing in the morning it said Pregnant. I took another a few hours later and it also said Pregnant. I'm officially a week late and still have a lot of early pregnancy sings. I'm just so scared it could be wrong. If I am pregnant I'm only about 5 weeks. What are your thoughts? THANKS


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7 Replies

  • Congratulations your pregnant ! You can't get a false positive x I did about 5 tests and worried the same... I now have a beautifull 9 month old boy.

    Your special journey starts here.... All the very best !!!!


  • Thank you very much! I'm just a big worry wort and don't want to get my hopes up. I've seen so many conflicting things online. I guess maybe I should stop reading lol :) Thanks again for your in put, I'm so happy and excited! <3

  • I was exactly the same! I even booked an appointment with the doctor to see if it could be anything else but he just smiled at me and told me I was pregnant and to stop worrying! I now have a 3-month-old.


  • Thank you very much for your in put! I did have it confirmed today at a Dr's office. I'm just a huge worry wort....feeling much better about things now though. :) I'm very happy and excited!

  • I know this post is a day old now but I just wanted to say congratulations! My OH and I tried for years, then last Feb I took two tests, and now I have a happy cheeky almost 9 month old! Enjoy every moment! I didn't end up having a smooth pregnancy towards the end, but it was all worth every moment! I would go through it all again in a heartbeat. All the best x

  • It's perfectly normal to feel that way - I was convinced there would be nothing there right up to my first scan! :-) I now have a 13 month old and the 2nd on the way! Congratulations! xx

  • Thanks everyone! I'm feeling much better about things....first prenatal appointment is next Thursday! I'm very excited!

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