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Return of morning sickness at 17 weeks

I had bad morning sickness from 6 weeks until 14 and then it seemed to disappear. I've been fine for almost 3 weeks but now the last two days I've felt lousy again - constant nausea and vomiting again. It definitely feels like morning sickness has returned. Is this normal?

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It was in my case I had it for 9 months. . The last 2 weeks of my pregnancy I lived on ice lollies and milk as cudnt keep anything down and it was really starting to hurt.. if it gets tht bad go and see dr x


Yes it's normal, I had morning sickness until 20 weeks or so and it returned by 22 weeks. Thankfully I had anti sickness Meds and they helped me cope up.


Im nearly 18 weeks and i hasd bad morning sickness from 6 weeks to 16 weeks....then i was ok for about a week but i can feel it creeeeping back in...that horrible nausea and the feeling like food is all in a big clump at the top of my stomach until i vomit (TMI!!) i was hoping i was moving on to the hollywood phase of pregnancy...where i could breeze out of bed and head off skipping to work.....but erm no.....that doesn seem to exist!!! Lol.


Haha! My thoughts too - pregnancy glow... pah!

Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences, makes me feel slightly less miserable knowing I'm not the only person in this situation. KikiB, I hope your nausea eases up soon.


You too rachf xxx good luck xxx


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