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New to solids - screaming during bowel movement

Hi everyone. My little boy is 6 months & we've been weaning for 3 weeks. He has porridge in the morning and fruit or veg purée for lunch then sometimes weetabix before bed to fill him up. We're not on 3 meals a day yet. He is breastfed with one bottle of formula before bed. Last week he went from doing a poo almost after every feed, to doing nothing for 5 days. On the fifth day he had his first solid bowel movement since starting solids and he cried and strained a lot, it sounded like it was really uncomfortable for him. However he got rid of a lot (sorry TMI lol) and he slept really well that night (I'm sure that made him feel so much better). I realise that he's using new muscles now that his bowel movements are formed & it feels strange for him however he's been doing the same again today. He was absolutely screaming earlier when he was pushing one out but it wasn't hard or pebbly. He also slept terribly last night & wouldn't resettle at all and I think it's all linked. Could he still have constipation even if his poo isn't hard? How can I help him? We've tried giving him sips of water but he isn't keen. X

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Oh bless what about trying juice really diluted down I used pure Apple juice diluted with water so it had a bit of flavour x


Awwrrh! Poor Lil man!

As you mentioned he's not too keen on his water intake have you maybe tried putting some water or very diluted juice ( such as orange juice) in a beaker/sippy cup?

My thoughts are he may not be taking in enough fluids to help with his bowel movements & as a result is finding it difficult to pass stools.

My LO is also 6 months old & as she is now having a bit of a difficult time with teething I'm finding the use of her drinking water in a 150ml feeding bottle is helping to ease or cool the discomfort on her gums.



Aw that's what happened to my little girl about a month ago when she was starting to eat solids.she cried a couple of times when doing a poo and I felt awful because I couldn't really do anything. She is Bf and she wasn't taking much water as won't take a bottle and we are still trying to teach her to use a beaker (she's 7 months). We rang the dr who said that this is quite normal as their digestive system is getting used to the solid food. We tried juice and prunes in juice. After about a week it seemed to settle down. He doesn't sound constipated if he is going ok just painful x


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