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Pregnant then bleeding! Can I still be pregnant?


I found out I was pregnant a week ago and then started bleeding Thursday evening, went to the doctors on Fri and she said bleeding in the early months is normal but she took bloods to check my hormone levels and I have to go back on twice next week to see if they are still rising, she also booked me in for an early scan but that's not for another week?! The blood was bright red but only lasted a day, now have a little spotting but mainly when I wipe. Friday morning I took a test and it said negative but it was very diluted wee. Haven't got the nerve to take another one now. I've had a miscarriage before so not pinning my hopes too much but was wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing?xxx

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Im sorry to hear you've suffered with previous misscarriages & due to this i can understand your anxiety & worry,

But as your G.p said slight bleeding during early pregnancy can be normal & is quite common as it has happened to me during both pregnancies & i have successfully carried to full term.

My guess is as you may only well be a few weeks pregnant your HGC hormone level is still very low & it was therefore not enough to detect on the pregnancy test you took.

I know its easier said than done but try not to worry or even think about it too much as the more you stress about it, it could have a bad reaction to your well-being. The best thing is that you've been refered for a early scan & your g.p is also willing to re-check your bloods so it seems as if you're in good hands.

Good luck with everything!


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