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Could I be pregnant or just a virus that I caught?


I do not get my periods regularily - Always been like this, so I never knew I was pregn. with my 1st son until 17 weeks - also because I had symptoms as if I had an infection/virus.

12 out of 14 nights when husband was home, we had sex. Last Friday, I felt really nautious after lunch & had bad diarrhea, which finished that day!! Since then, my stomach has Always felt bloated, but I am hungry, I get back pain, abdominal pain & prior to all of this, I was dizy & blacked out one day.

When can I take a pregnancy test?? Am I getting my hopes up too soon?? I know 3 weeks is too soon to have symptoms, but thought I would ask as I had lots of sex after my period (same way I got preg. 1st time), and I feel nautious like I did before, just the only difference is that may be it is too soon?

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I'd buy a two pack do one now and then wait a good few days and do another x

Hi the only way to be sure is buy two clear blue digitals yes they are expensive but are used by your medical professions and they can tell you yes or no and if it is a yes they can tell you how far on you are. If you want a definite answer speak to your GP or medical professional as they are the ones who are medically trained hun x

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