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Hi. Am 33 weeks and Junior hasn't stopped for about 2 days! He's breech (well still was as of last Friday) and am not starting to feel quite 'delicate' inside. Do we all think this is because he's been on the go on stop? Its funny as a few months ago I was so looking forward to feeling him move around and now all I want him to do is chill out. Should I be worried? Am not overly concerned its just I have felt so different in the last two/three days. Usually am mega constipated and feeling fine, now am feeling really sore, got back ache, nice active bowels and just plain ole blinking knackered and feeling a little sick!!!

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The active bowels could be the start of your body 'flushing your system', ready for delivery? Also, the sickness doe apparently return (for some), in The third trimester, and I suppose being constantly kicked doesn't help!

A couple of weeks ago (at 29 weeks), I hardly felt my baby move and was really freaked out. After a quick Google, I read that a lot of women had experiences where their babies would slow down with movements, then after 32 weeks or so suddenly pick up the movements (I'm 31 weeks now, and the other night I swear she was having a party in there).

I hope this is of some help. If you're still concerned, I would try and give your midwife a call X


I would call you delivery suite. When I was pregnant I was told any change in movement increase or decrease to call. They will put you on a monitor to check everything. Also movements should not slow down before labour. Xx



Thanks for your responses.

I did call the CDS and they said pop in. Am glad I did now as after a few tests the doc said I have an infection. Junior is still kicking like mad and still have the pain in my tummy but they put me on the monitor for a while and said all was good. Apparently, an untreated infection can bring on labour so it was defo worth giving them a call. I did feel a little embarrassed and wondered if I was over reacting but better safe than sorry! x


Wow, good job you checked! Definitely better safe than sorry. Hope you're ok? X


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